Preserves, apple butter, and our newest addition— apple cider jelly

Sun-cooked strawberry and raspberry preserves,

slow-cooked apple butter,

crab apple jelly, and cider jelly.

@ $8.00/jar

Gift boxes

Choice of 3 boxes:

•  18 of our large “fancy” apples

  1. 16 apples + 1 jar of preserves

  2. 2 jars of preserves +
    1 cider syrup

Contact us for current prices

All can be shipped

Farm-made cider donuts

Homemade donuts cooked in our apple barn kitchen.

Apple cider freshly pressed each week. UV treated. No preservatives added.

1/2 gallon @ $4.50

1 gallon @ $7.50

Cider syrup, a New England tradition

Made from our own cider at Northfield Mt. Hermon School.
8 oz @ $13.00

12 oz. @ $16.00

Apple cider vinegar

Delicious and mildly flavored,

to add to your salad dressings

and beyond.

Sold by the ounce in vintage bottles.